Back replacement, PANAGI BROS classical guitar


This guitar was in a very pour condition when it was delivered to our workshop. The back was completely destroyed and a previous repair attempt with polyurethane glue had caused even more damage to the instrument. The back was replaced and the soundboard was repaired in order to retain its original shape and resistance.





A brief photographic history of the repair


The guitar as we received it.
The soundboard bracing over time had loosened and the soundboard as a defect of this had sunken from the chord pressure.
Once the back was removed you could clearly see the loosened braces as well as previous repair attempts with various materials such as pieces of wood, matchsticks, paper tape, and plenty of glue everywhere!
The loose braces are warped and will be removed and replaced with new ones.
This also gives us the opportunity to remove old glue and various other unwanted elements.
Clean and ready for new bracing.
After measuring the braces to be replaced we now create new ones made from spruce in the exact same dimensions.
We make sure they fit properly...
…and glue them in place.
We now give them the right shape.
The new braces are ready.
Now the new wooden parts have to be retouched in order to fit inn with the old parts.
The soundboard has found its original form and is good as new.
Now its time for the guitar back. We will remove the back bracings and reuse them on the new back.
We cut the new back.
In order to glue the braces in place we have to lay them on the sides of the guitar.
We apply glue only on the center of each brace.
Then we place the back and glue the brace to it.
When the glue is dry we remove the back and glue the corners of the braces. This way the braces are glued in the exact same place.
We glue the joint reinforcement.
We also made a copy of the label.
We will now process the label to make it look old.
We glue the back to the body of the guitar.
The guitar did not have purflings round the back so we just have to fillet the edges and it’s ready.
Like the other parts of the guitar the back has to be treated with cassia color before varnishing.
We now French polish the back.
Ready and beautiful.