Soundboard replacement of an Antonio Lorca classical guitar


A brief history of the repair

The guitar as we received it.
A closer view of the damage.
We start the repair by removing the threatboard.
The threatboard has been removed.
Now the saddle is carefully removed and will be used again.
Removing the soundboard.
We decided to keep the original purflings as they where in a good condition.
There will be a few repairs needed inside the instrument...
The guitar is now ready for its new soundboard.
Preparing the new soundboard.
The new soundboard with its braces. The structure is an exact copy of the original soundboard.
Gluing the new soundboard in place.
Gluing the new thretboard in place.
A view of the rosette.
Refretting the fretboard.
Polishing the soundboard.
Gluing tte saddle in place.
The guitar is ready.